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Watch your child improve and achieve with Write Size pencils!

Help your child learn and achieve! Write Size are the only pencils that have been made to scale for a child’s hand, making writing easier and faster! Do Write Size pencils really work? We are often asked how we know our pencils actually make a difference

97% of children in a class improved when using Write Size pencils

Peter Griffin from Open Doors Therapy  wanted to find out the impact our Write Size pencils have on children's handwriting. Following on from his last study on a group of six to seven year old pupils (where 24 out of 30 improved pencil flow and control with Write Size pencils)

Write Size – Perfect for Left & Right handed children!

Are Write Size writing pencils suitable for left handed children? The answer is of course, YES! Our unique writing pencils have been designed to give children better control and grip over their writing tool, whichever hand they use. Understandably parents like to see proof that products they are buying really

Write Size Pencil’s Improved Flow and Control

Research Project Neuro Motor Developmental Therapist Peter Griffin has been studying the affects of using a Write Size pencil rather than a standard (adult size) pencil in young children. At age 6-7 is my Pencil Control Better when I use a ‘Write Size’ Pencil? Headline:  Out of thirty,

Successful launch in New Zealand with Warehouse Stationery

At the start of 2015, we began carrying out extensive research into the education market over in New Zealand and it was from this research we decided that there would be a good place to start globally launching our handwriting products. Now, 12 months down the line, we are delighted to be able to

Write Size visit Global Education Supplies Solutions in Dubai

At the beginning of the month, we visited Dubai to exhibit at the Global Education Supplies Solutions introducing our pencils to the United Arab Emirates. Over the three day exhibition, our innovative range of pencils received a hugely positive response from a variety of people that visited our stand, specifically from teachers