Why Good Writing Skills Matter

Every child deserves the best education - Teresa May – UK Prime Minster

What we are doing is solving a problem that is at the heart of giving all children the best educational advantage across all academic levels.

Have you ever considered why good writing skills matter and how our Write Size pencils actively help children improve their handwriting?

  1. Have you ever heard your child say ‘my hand hurts’ whilst using a standard pencil? This is because a child cannot balance or control any tool or instrument in their hand that does not fit correctly which then causes pain and discomfort.
  2. Studies have found that poor handwriting can often lead to poor grades and children to fall behind in the educational achievements.
  3. Write Size pencils solve a problem that is emotional and life changing as they make learning to write easier, therefore, installing confidence in children.
  4. Poor handwriting can lead to underachievement and once children are disillusioned believing they are not good enough, this can affect the whole of their educational years.
  5. Every child should have the access to the right size tools and advantage and just because it has been accepted for 200 years that children can struggle with writing does not mean we cannot help them to make it easier.
  6. If a child can learn to form letters and numbers legibly then this will promote them to memorise the letters, in turn, enhancing reading and spelling skills – learning to write is the most learning block of education.

The Statistics

Academicians and business people view writing skills as crucial, yet increasing numbers of these professionals note a steady erosion in the writing abilities of graduates. The summary of a study published in Personnel Update states: "Writing skills ... of executives are shockingly low, indicating that schools and colleges dismally fail with at least two-thirds of the people who pass through the education pipeline coming out unable to write a simple letter

Randall S. Hansen, Ph.D., and Katharine Hansen, Ph.D.


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