The potential to increase performance in Numeracy and Writing with one small pencil!

At the begging of the year Write Size started gathering evidence into the impact our pencils have on a child’s writing ability.

With the help of ex-headmaster and Neuro Motor Developmental Therapist  Peter Griffin, Write Size now have proof of the positive impact our pencils have, not only on a child’s writing ability but overall education.

With several studies now conducted showing our writing pencils are more beneficial than a standard writing tool. Why not try Write Size with your child, and see how our pencils can help them grow and achieve.

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With Peter from Open Doors Therapy completing two new studies into our Write Size pencil, the positive feedback just keeps on coming!

This time Peter has completed a study on a class of year 1’s & Year 3’s, with the results speaking for themselves.

 Year 1 study summary 19/07/2017:

  • The pencil control of 94% of children improved with Write Size.
  • The writing speed of 78% of children improved with Write Size pencils.
  • With 21 children improving accuracy of pencil control by more than 10%.

“There is a potential that increased pencil control and faster writing speed could have significant impact not only on Handwriting but also on the children’s performance in Numeracy and Writing” Peter Griffin

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 Year 3 study summary 19/07/2017:

  •  20 out of 29 children improved pencil control when using Write Size.
  • with 21 children being 10% or more accurate!
  • 24 students increasing in writing speed.

With all these positive reports conducted, don’t you think it’s time all schools gave children the Write Size pencils?

Peter Griffin – the once sceptical ex headmaster now seeing the beneficial impact our product can have on the world of education, we feel its our duty to turn the heads of more Headmaster and educationalist around the world.

Now it is clear to see Write Size pencils really do benefit a child’s education, not only making writing easier but also improving a child’s confidence in writing.

Write Size are now more determined than ever to keep fighting to give children the best education possible, with the right size tool for the job.


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