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Help your child learn and achieve! 

Write Size are the only pencils that have been made to scale for a child’s hand, making writing easier and faster!

Do Write Size pencils really work?

We are often asked how we know our pencils actually make a difference to a child’s writing ability.

Well that’s where Peter Griffin comes in…

The Ex – Headteacher and Neuro Motor Developmental Therapist at ‘Open Doors Therapy’ has been helping Write Size prove how our small pencils really do help small people.

Peter has tested our writing pencils with children aged between 3 years – 8 years. With all ages showing improvement with a ‘Write Size’ pencil compared to a standard classroom pencil.

Giving children who use the ‘Write Size’ pencil an advantage over those who don’t!
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Recently completing a study on a group of 3-4 year old’s Peter uncovered that:

  • The Pencil Control of 20 out of 25 children improved when using the ‘Write Size’ Pencil. 

  • On average ‘Write Size’ improved Pencil Control by an average of 13%.

  • Long term there is a potential that increased pencil control and faster writing speed could have a significant impact not only on Handwriting but also on the children’s performance in Numeracy and Writing.


But don’t reception children use short chunky pencils anyway?
The answer to this question is yes…

The Children at Banners Gate Primary School (where this study took place) usually used a pencil considered to be appropriate to their age – the ‘Maxi’ pencil, which is a ‘Jumbo sized 12 sided pencils especially designed for use by small children’. They are about the same thickness as the ‘Write Size’ pencil but they are longer.


Surely These jumbo pencils that have been designed for use by small children are the better choice? 

From what Peter has found during his study, perhaps not…

  • Out of 25, three to four year old pupils, all but five, showed improved pencil control and fluidity using a ‘Write Size’ pencil, compared to their usual standard ’Maxi’ pencil!
  • The Average improvement 13%!
  • 15 out of 25 children made a significant improvement of over 10%!
  • Nineteen of the children had a recognisable tripod pencil grip and the other six had immature grips with ‘Write Size’ pencils.

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Peter’s Thoughts, and conclusion on this study: 
The majority of children benefit by using a ‘Write Size’ pencil.
Their accuracy, fluidity and speed significantly improve. From some observations and the fact that they have better control and write more quickly it would seem that the grasp is more relaxed as well.
Pete Griffin  15/06/2017
With grateful thanks to
Staff and Children at
Banners Gate Primary School
Coppice View Rd, Sutton Coldfield B73 6UE

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