Writing pencils designed for children developed to make learning to write easier and quicker.

    Why does having good writing skills matter and how Write Size pencils help children?

    Write Size - The Product

    Children deserve to have the best advantage when it comes to education and learning to write with the correct sized writing instruments can enhance the speed of their education by as much as a year.

    Write Size pencils have been developed to lessen the strain on their hands as they are the right size for their hands allowing them to control and grip them easily and produce constant quality handwriting from the start.

    Would you give a 5 year old child a full size guitar to learn music, an adult size football to learn the skill of football or size 10 shoes to walk in? Using this logic so why do we give children adult size pencils to learn to write.Writing aids development in key skills including reading, spelling and thinking.

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    Made to scale for children's hands. Better control equals better grip.

    Write Size pencils have been developed to lessen the strain on a child's hand by making the flor of writing easier as they provide a better grip, better control and most importantly are made to the scale of children's hands.

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    There are many key benefits to your child using Write Size pencils, but here are a few to get you started.

    Greater durability

    The high quality graphite we use has an increased point breaking system which makes it more resistant to breakage and requires less sharpening for a longer lifespan.

    Ergonomic soft grip:

    The soft graphite ensures soft flow of writing ensuring children are using less pressure and less graphite. This will prolong the lifespan of Write Size pencils.

    Better grip and control:

    The unique surface of the pencil offers a good grip and wider diameter than a regular pencil. This ensures the pencil is comfortable for a child to use and hold causing less strain on their hands.

    Scaled for children's hands:

    By using logic and scale, the Write Size pencils are made to fit a child's hands promoting control and faster learning, but also making the development of writing skills easier and faster.

    Writing made easier and quicker

    Children will learn to write quicker as they are using a writing instrument that fits their hands correctly. This could their speed up their education in as quick as one term.

    How WriteSize makes learning to write easier and quicker.


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